Some chefs guard their recipes from all, sometimes even changing and/or omitting key ingredients to ensure that no one else can recreate the same dish to the same level of success. I feel that this goes against everything that food is about. It is to be share with all, friends, family, loved one and friends you are yet to woo with your tasty treats and conversations.

A few of our guests have requested our recipes so I have decided to publish all of our favourites here for you to use whenever you need some inspiration. A close family friend, Sylvia, started it all by requesting our raspberry and ricotta hotcakes recipe for her father’s day breakfast, which she prepared for the family to much applause and appreciation.

Here are some of my favourite recipes for you to enjoy at home… just click on the PDF link to download a printable version.


Tiritiri Lodge muesli

So tasty it’s hard to believe that it’s so good for you, this is the best muesli recipe in the entire universe. It’s not toasted in oil, sugar or fruit juice so there is no added sugar or fat, it is low G.I. and it still tastes better than any muesli I have ever eaten.……. serve with a little apple juice, Greek style yogurt and fresh fruit. Click here to download recipe


Savoury Muffins

Everyone loves a savoury muffin! This recipe makes 6 large ones. The savoury ingredients can be varied. Blue cheese is a lovely addition along with left over roast veggies – pumpkin, carrot or kumara, add spinach more herbs, omit bacon for a vegetarian version, top with tasty cheese and pumpkin seeds instead of cream cheese the options are endless. Click here to download recipe


Three Cheese Hotcakes

These are a delicious if not slightly decadent breakfast filled with fresh herbs from the garden and topped with a lemon scented crème fraiche, crispy bacon and slow roasted tomato, perfect before a big day of adventure. click here to download recipe


Raspberry and Ricotta Hotcakes

Raspberry and ricotta hotcakes
Raspberry and ricotta hotcakes

Bill Granger’s restaurants called Bills, in Sydney, are famous for their breakfasts, especially his hotcakes. When I was working there buses of Japanese tourists would pull up and sit themselves down next to many of the famous people that filed through the doors when they were in town….. and they would all order hotcakes.

This recipe is my version of the famous hotcakes, filled with lovely local raspberries and served with slices of the divine local stone fruits that I bottle each summer so we can enjoy them all year round.
click here to download recipe


Zucchini, Mint and Goats Feta Tarts with Balsamic and Honey Reduction

A fellow chef and good friend from cooking school, Rob, gave me Damien Pignolet’s cook book called French – he is an amazing chef and his pastry recipes are to die for, always melt in the mouth. I think that every home cook should own his book. Thank you Rob!

The zucchini and mint I pick straight from the lodge garden – there is something magical about cooking with food you’ve grown your self and picked only moments earlier. These little tarts are a perfect appetiser or can be made slightly bigger for individual entrées and served with a fresh green salad with avocado and green chili and mint. click here to download recipe


Peppered Venison with Cherry and Wild Thyme Sauce

This is my favourite new sauce – obviously a seasonal dish, as fresh cherries are only around for a couple of months but so worth the wait each year. The wild thyme that grows all around Central Otago is something else. It almost looks like a succulent leaf, bursting with an amazingly strong flavour – use sparingly if you ever come across it.
I serve this with potatoes pan fired in butter with a confit of baby red onions and garlic.
I am not sure you will be able to buy these from shops as I grow baby ones purely for this dish but you can supplement with spring onions or simply omit and use all garlic. Click here to download recipe


Crispy Skinned Salmon with Wasabi Yogurt

Served on a bed of baby spinach and rocket with hasselback potatoes, a great summer meal, it is fairly quick and easy to prepare and so wonderful to eat. :Click here to download recipe


Lamb Backstrap with Mint Pesto, Goats Cheese Feta and Eggplant puree

I love lamb, it has such a strong earthy flavour – and the eggplant and feta puree is the perfect accompaniment. I recommend making the puree that day before as it allows the strong flavours to mellow and meld together better. Click here to download recipe


Stephanie Alexander’s Sticky Date Pudding

I confess this is not my recipe I wish it was all mine though! It is so light and fluffy and ….WOW. People swoon over it. Lovely in winter on a cold night served with whipped cream and coulis or with vanilla bean ice cream. Click here to download recipe


Apple and Raspberry Shortcake or Lemon Shortcake

raspberry shortcake
raspberry shortcake

This is a great afternoon tea cake or a lovely light dessert. You can choose your filling be it the fresh fruit of the lemon curd option it is so lovely. Click here to download recipe


Prawn, corn and coriander cigars

These make a spectacular appetizer. Click here to download recipe


Thai sago dumplings

Thai sago dumplings
Thai sago dumplings

A favourite street food in Thailand – salty sweet spicy savoury goodness! Click here to download recipe